There is no culture as illustrious as the Indian culture. Over the past decades, Indian jewellery has always been the most desired around the world. Indians love tradition and always try to give a modern twist on old classics when it comes to jewellery. Let’s say no more and get on with the show!:
In this post, we will cover 3 Indian jewellery trends that will help you stay on top of the style wave this year.

Traditional Jewellery

Traditional jewellery offers a timeless wedding look and has always been a long-time favourite amongst brides. Traditionally jewellery is made from Gold, but as times change it’s not rare to see the addition of diamonds, silver and even Kundan pieces.


Sparkly, glittery diamonds give a flawless, extravagant look that every woman of today wants. In Indian culture, diamonds can be worn at a range of occasions, including weddings, birthdays and even casual family dinners. A lot of sophisticated and modern brides choose to go the diamond way for their big day.

Antique Temple Jewellery

Antique temple jewellery is timeless and takes you back to the roots, making one feel nothing less than a goddess. Temple jewellery is regal and has delicate patterns or engravings on them. Some temple jewellery may even include minor red or green stones for extra style.

We hope you liked our style predictions and would love to hear more about what you think about the upcoming jewellery trends.