Machine made or Handmade? Which is best?

One question on everyone’s mind when they buy Jewellery of gold or other precious metals is whether to go for the machine make or handcrafted pieces. But it is never an absolute solution. You cannot stick to either for all your jewellery needs, simply because each has its own positives and negatives. That being established, we can now get into what details to look for when buying either of the types. So here is a quick glimpse on where to get exactly what you’re looking for:

Machine Made

1. Lower price - SInce it is machine-made and does not require as much skilled labour, it will cost less than a piece that weighs the same in a hand crafted design.

2. Superior finish - You can generally expect better finish on machine made pieces, although many handmade pieces are finished by machine too.

3.Flawless cuts and curves - Machine made jewellery is reliable thanks to high standard industry practices and technology, so you can expect less breakage and no falling pieces.

4.Status - Jewellery made by well established brands, even though machine made are usually quite a status symbol


1.Exclusivity - Many handmade designs are unique and not easy to replicate, providing exclusivity to those who seek pieces with a difference

2.Personalization - Handmade jewellery can be easily customized, in design as well as material to suit your personality and preference

3.Gifting - Handmade pieces are a great idea for a gift, being personal and rare